A Short Break and Upcoming Relaunch

Hello fellow Bookworms!

It’s been ages, I know. This is just a quick announcement to inform you that I’m going to be taking to a break to relaunch and reorganize Leigh’s Book CornerHonestly, I cannot wait for these changes to happen! So, be on the look out for some awesome new content coming mid September.

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List Time – YA Lit

Hello Bookworms!

So, I’m not a huge, huge reader of YA Literature. I enjoy it, but I’m pretty new to this genre so this will be a bit difficult! (By the way, you to check out my previous post in this list series, if you would like!).

Anyway, let’s get it started with…

1. Entwined.


Seriously, this is a really, really excellent fairy tale retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. The magic is electrifying and and relationship between the all the Princesses (there are twelve of them) is really cute. If you want to read my full review right here.

2. The Scorpio Races.


Okay, so I’ve already mentioned this in a previous List Time post, but I have to mention it again, because it’s one of my total, total favourites. The character development is spot-on and the Capaill uise are incredibly frightening (in a good way).

3. The Book Thief.


If you feel the need to read a hauntingly beautiful World War II novel, go pick this one up. Told by Death, it really adds a new perspective to this time in history.

4. Prisoner of Night and Fog.


This one may be slightly less deep than the previously mentioned novel, but it takes an interesting look at Hitler and Germany during the early 1930’s. Plus, it’s got a good mystery, which I love!

5. The Lost Girl of Astor Street.


(Speaking of mysteries!) I loved this one. Actually, I may have read it nearly one sitting. So, if you love the 1920’s, mysteries and all the jazz (hah, I’m so punny) you’ll love The Lost Girl of Astor Street.


Woah, *wipes sweat off brow* well I got through this list alive, thank goodness. You know, maybe I should try to add some variety to my reading schedule! If you have any YA suggestions, let me know.

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List Time – Classics

Hello, fellow bookworms!

Wow, it’s already the third week of my List Series. (Click  here for last weeks post). And I’m super excited!

So, today is going to be Classics and I think I’d like to start this list off with..

                                                            1. Anne of Green Gables.


You should know by now that Anne of Green Gables is probably on of my favourite books of all time. This book is really just a wonderful piece of soul. It’s for anyone with a kindred spirit (plus, it’s actually the first of a whole bunch of other really great Anne books).

                                                             2. Treasure Island.

297.jpgThis book has tons of action and adventure but, if you don’t feel like reading the whole dang book, go and get yourself a copy of Muppet Treasure Island (its actually good).

                                                             3. Ivanhoe.

15994726.jpgSo maybe Ivanhoe should really be renamed Rebecca, since she’s really the protagonist in the story (I’m totally upset about the way the book ended, by the way). Still, it’s worth reading even just for the opportunity of meeting Rebecca.

4. The Little House Series.


Yes, all of them. The whole series is amazing, and touching and so, so sweet. When I was a girl I would often pretend to be Laura on that wild, wild prairie. This is a series that can be enjoyed by anyone.

5. Black Beauty.


If you feel like shedding a good tear over some horses and the cruel state they lived in, in the past, go ahead and read Black Beauty. It paints an excellent picture about the life of a horse, as he passes hands from one person to the next. Some of the people are cruel, but others are nice. Anna Sewell did an excellent job in showing the human (and horse) spirit.

So there’s the third List Time post! I honestly hope you enjoyed it. Tell me, what are your favourite Classics?

Until Next Time,



List Time – Fantasy

Hello, fellow book-lovers! It’s Friday and so that means another post in this List Series of mine.

Today is going to be Fantasy and I cannot wait to jump, so I’m gonna just go ahead and get started

 1. The whole Narnia series.


What can I say?! I grew up on this series and its never going to leave me. The Narnia series is really, a great classic fantasy set that I think everyone should at least try.

 2. The LOTR series and the Hobbit.


(I know! You’re probably thinking: what’s with all the series and trilogies…) I’m combining these two because their by the same author. Really these are a couple of must reads for an Fantasy lover.

 3. The Scorpio Races.


(I think this may technically be classified as Urban Fantasy…?) I actually just read this one, and it was love at first chapter. A must read for horse lovers and fantasy lovers, alike.

 4. The Princess Bride.


I’m not really sure if this counts as fantasy, I mean, there isn’t any magic…but it feels like it should be one, so I’m adding it to the list. If anyone here is looking for a laugh, you really need to read The Princess Bride.

 5. Ella Enchanted.


And watching the movie doesn’t count!! (Although, unlike many fans, I really like the movie too). Ella Enchanted in a fantastic fantasy/fairy tale novel about love and being true to who you are. It’s really a great novel!

Alright, guys! There’s the second installment of my List Series, finished. Let me know your top Five Fantasy Faves in the comments! I really, really love hearing from you…

Until Next Time,




List Time – Historical Fiction

Helloooo! Okay, guys, I’m starting a new series where I list my top five faves in a given category. And I totally welcome you to join me! There is how it’s going to happen:

  1. June 30 is Historical Fiction. List five of your most favourite historical fiction novels!
  2. July 7 is Fantasy. Which five are your faves!?
  3. July 14 will be Classics.
  4. July 21 is going to be YA Lit. So, it doesn’t matter which if it’s Fantasy, Contemporary, etc. as long as its YA.
  5. July 28 will be fave Non-fiction or Autobiography/biography reads.

Alright guys, lets get started!

So, I love Historical Fiction. It’s probably my favourite category of Literature. I literally just love imagining myself in a past world without technology or indoor plumbing. Am I weird? Probably…

Anyway, let’s get this list started.

 1. The Lost Girl of Astor Street.


This is relatively unknown YA Historical Fiction novel, but guys, its really good! I highly recommend this book.

 2. A Lantern in Her Hand.


If you ever feel like crying, read this book. Its so dang bittersweet. A simply breathtaking novel.

 3. The Bronze Bow.


I was actually reluctant to start this one, because…well…I didn’t like the cover! But the story is surprisingly good. And I mean really good. It takes place around the time of Christ and it deals with a young man and his ill sister.

 4. Number the Stars.


This is totally a must read for people of any age. I’m as captivated by it now as I was when I first read at age 10.

 4. The Book Thief.


If you’re into the WW2 kind of Lit, you should give this one a go. It’s a story told by Death, so it has a really interesting perspective!

Wow, okay, so those are some of my fave Historical Fiction novels! I hope you enjoyed this list, and don’t forget to join next Friday for my Top Five Fantasy Faves.

What are your favourites? Let me know!

Until next time,


book review

“The Scorpio Races” Book Review


“It happens at the start of every November: the Scorpio Races. Riders attempt to keep hold of their water horses long enough to make it to the finish line. Some riders live. Others die.

At age nineteen, Sean Kendrick is the returning champion. He is a young man of few words, and if he has any fears, he keeps them buried deep, where no one else can see them.

Puck Connolly is different. She never meant to ride in the Scorpio Races. But fate hasn’t given her much of a chance. So she enters the competition — the first girl ever to do so. She is in no way prepared for what is going to happen.”

Synopsis is from Goodreads! Yay.


Okay, so I was at the Library for the first time in forever because I had just payed off my HUGE fine, when I spotted this on the shelves: The Scorpio Races. I had heard about the novel before, but I had never read it. Anyway, I checked it out because why not? I did not, however, expect myself to fall so deeply in love with The Scorpio Races.

There are several reasons why this novel is so good and the first would have to be pacing. True. It was a little but slow, but I feel that if the story was paced any faster it would have lost some of its magic. With the slower style of the book, you really get to know Puck and Dove, Sean and Corr. You can almost believe they’re real…

The characters are also super fantastic. Puck is hilarious and totally relatable. She got herself into so many dang predicaments but she can stand up for herself as well as for others, which I really appreciate (also Finn, her brother, is hilarious). Sean is awesome…he seems little bit cold on the outside, but its really just because he’s a quiet person. He’s actually really sweet.

Okay, now I also have to mention the horses here, because they’re really like characters themselves. Dove was my favourite. As a horse lover myself, I’ve always been a sucker for the backyard pony (excuse me: horse) types. Dove was perfect! And the relationship between Dove and Puck was stupendous and so realistic! Corr and Sean are great, too. Sean’s love for Corr was so beautiful. I loved it.

But what I really fell in love with was the writing itself. Stiefvater has an astounding way with words. I found myself giddy as I soaked them up. Take this as an example:

“Yes,” I say, and then, though it pains me to add it, because the kitchen looks like       faeries have been using it for black magic all night, “Would you like some tea?”

I cannot read this phrase enough. The author’s use of words is right on point.

Here is one more example because it’s just perfect:

There may have been a person who I would turn the pockets of heart out for them to see, but there was never a time when Benjamin Malvern was that person.

Again, awesome. Her use of metaphors had me adoring this book!

There were two things I was leery about before reading The Scorpio Races: POV and narration. However as soon as I got into the novel those apprehensions where swept away and I was ready to go where ever Stiefvater took me. All in all, this was a fantastic book and I can’t wait to reread it!


Until next time,


book review

“The Princess Bride” Book Review


Two countries on the brink of war, pirates, swordsman, rodents of unusual size. It’s a wonder that true love finds a way. But don’t worry; it does.



Ahh, THE PRINCESS BRIDE! Either you love it or you hate it. I happen to really like the movie. Gosh, who am I kidding. I LOVE it. Or should I say “wove”…anyhoo, when I discovered that there was actually a book, I just had to buy it! There are my thoughts:

Character wise, this novel is astounding! And excruciating. Okay so, it depends on what you want. If you want young, brilliant heroes and smart heroines that kick butt, don’t read this book. Please, just don’t. You will be disappointed, I promise. However, if you enjoy reading about a group of characters that are hilarious and a bit shallow but amusing all the same kind of characters, go and buy yourself a copy! One last thing; something that I thought was awesome was a deeper look at the back stories of Fezzik and Inigo. While reading the book, you get to see why they need each other so much. It really adds to their character. It’s so cool!

Okay. Now we get to talk about Plot. Let’s just say that THE PRINCESS BRIDE, is never, never boring. Just like in the movie, there is adventure at every twist and turn and trust me when I say that there’s lot of ’em. But unlike in the movie, the novel takes a deep look into, what seems like, every character backstory. Which might sound really, really boring but trust me: its not! In the movie, you never actually get a whole lot of insight into why Fezzik and Inigo are such good friends but (like I mentioned before) the book gives you those backstories, which is really cool if you’re a PRINCESS BRIDE fanatic, like me. Plus, you actually get to read about Inigo and Fezzik battling down into the Pit of Despair and its awesome. All those extra adventures that we get to go on because of the backstories make the novel so much more rich.

Alright. This book isn’t going to change the word. I wouldn’t add it to a list of Greatest Books Ever Written, but it can bring a smile to your face and I think that’s important…

So, have you read THE PRINCESS BRIDE? What did you think? Loved it or hated it? Let me know, because I would love to chat!


Until next time!